Contemporary Burr Madrona Classic Style 3 Part 72 Note Reuge Music Box with SWISS 72 Note Tune-Air Bach - 3 Parts

Contemporary Burr Madrona Classic Style 3 Part 72 Note Reuge Music Box with SWISS 72 Note Tune-Air Bach - 3 Parts
Contemporary or classic, Reuge is synonymous for high end music boxes that can accommodate just about any style. A mechanical music Manufacture of luxury goods, Reuge invites you on a journey of dreams, emotion and magic, a journey that will gently transport you from generation to generation, stimulating new sensitivities, inviting an awakening of the senses. A hybrid philosophy of sorts, composed of contrasting elements, timeless traditional craftsmanship and today's latest design trends, Reuge continues to blossom with over 150 years of creative passion. A true example of minimalism in design, this stunning addition displays a clean and sophisticated feel. Handcrafted in black carbalho, this amazingly simple yet elegant music box showcases a brilliant hi-gloss exterior. True to the craft, their extensive experience enables them to select from only the finest quality wood based on scent, timbre and vibration. The woods are meticulously inspected for flaws and blemishes during the selection process. Traditional skills are therefore paramount in ensuring a quality sound in the box. The centuries-old art of inlay requires noble skills that Reuge inlayers practice with both passion and rigor. This highly sophisticated and refined art form reproduces original musical themes, superbly replicated in these boxes that combine in subtle harmony with the rarest of woods. The true beauty rests inside ready for it's unveiling. Feast your senses on the visual and auditory treat for the soul as you gaze upon the beautifully assembled 3 Part 72 Note Swiss Precision Movement. You get a true sense of master craftsmanship at its finest, sparing no details. An infinite wealth of tunes, absolute machining precision and exceptional finely-finished parts are the hallmarks of Reuge musical movements. Please see "item options" for available tunes or visit our "listening station" for all song titles as well as sample clips. Thank you very much for your interest in our products! Your
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