Enchanting Black Lacquer 36 Note Reuge

Enchanting Black Lacquer 36 Note Reuge "Fairy Tale" Music Box with 36 Note Tune-Rigoletto-Verde Aida Verdi
     - Reuge Music Box titled "Fairy Tale"      - Tune: 36 note Swiss movement (please see item options for available songs)      - Wood inlay / Exterior: blood red ornament design against black lacquer backdrop      - Interior: Solid black lacquer Interior with a fabric wrapped ring holder      - Wood/Hardware: Burl Walnut & Rosewood / Brass Hardware      - On and Off button located on front facing side (right = start, continuous play / left = stop)      - Dimensions : 6" x 6" x 2.5" Contemporary or classic, Reuge is synonymous for high end luxury music boxes that are tailored around any style. A manufacture of mechanical music for luxury goods, Reuge invites you on a journey of dreams, emotion and magic on a journey that will transport you through the generations. A hybrid philosophy of sorts, composed of contrasting elements, timeless traditional craftsmanship and today's latest design trends, Reuge continues to blossom with over 150 years of creative passion.
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SKU/UPC-> AXA-36-4248-001V043
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