Luxurious 30 Note Grand Musical Instrument and Floral Music Jewelry Box with Lift Up Tray with 30 Note Tune-Lara

Luxurious 30 Note Grand Musical Instrument and Floral Music Jewelry Box with Lift Up Tray with 30 Note Tune-Lara"s Theme
A truly remarkable work of art in by the meticulous craftsman of Sorrento, Italy. This gorgeous grand musical and floral theme music jewelry box displays highlights you generally do not find in a single box but over a series of music boxes. This incredible grad musical jewelry box has it all; perfect wood tones, extravagant wood inlaying, exuberant amount of space, and all secured by a fully functional lock and key. To go into detail, we start with the highlights of the remarkable detail of the wood inlay. It features instruments such as the violin, mandolin and horn resting against their corresponding sheet music. The instrument theme sits centered amongst a vibrant array of flowers in a beautiful floral arrangement backdrop. This art work is all captured and framed inside a beautiful rosewood border that surrounds top of the music box. All this is perfectly placed against the welcoming warm burl-elm wood tone and distinctive knots & grain patterns.Inside this spectacular musical jewelry box is another key attribute. Right away, you are greeted to a very spacious and plush interior. There is enough space to hold pretty much your entire collection of precious jewels or treasured keepsakes. This is a double leveled music box with top portion designed as a lift up tray fitted w/ ring rolls on each end. Underneath is even more space for your personal belongings. Lastly, you'll find dedicated compartment that houses the traditional mechanical movement that omits a harmonious tune when the lid is opened. The music box incorporates a fully functional lock and key and matching gold hardware throughout the box. This item can be fitted with higher note options. Please refer to the individual item listing for pricing. With over 380+ tunes available, your sure to find that perfect melody. Please see "item options" for available tunes or visit our "listening station" for all song titles as well as sample clips. Thank you very much for your interest in our products! Your
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